Big Advantage Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer


Kitchen faucet with sprayer – today we show you the different types of faucets economizadores for the faucet, perfect to save water. Water is a good of all that we should not waste, so in our homes, we must take advantage of the different options offered by the market to save on consumption. In the centers of DIY and specialized stores we will find a great variety of accessories economizadores, in different measures and finishes, and with different systems of fixation.

On this occasion we are going to place in the kitchen faucet with sprayer on this economizer accessory that besides, it is addressable and diffuser. The first thing we will do is to release the filter from the tap; In case of not being able to do it by hand we would use a fixed key.

Next, we place the rubber gasket, which also reduces the flow of water, inside the diffuser … and screw it on the kitchen faucet with sprayer. This model fits perfectly to the faucet we have, but also comes with an adapter that allows it to be placed in different threads. Now we can check that the new accessory works correctly. With this simple gesture we have achieved that the water saving is almost 40%.


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