Build a Kitchen Island Table Combination


Kitchen island table combination – Most people could use a little more space in your kitchen counter top. The islands are a great way to go, but the habit can be extremely expensive and kits are not always so well. Here’s an alternative that is equally functional and great looking. The plan of kitchen island table combination, Measure your kitchen. Translate your kitchen design to graph paper, using the largest scale possible that still fits on one page.

Must have enough space between your cabinets and kitchen island table combination. Thirty-six inches is nice, and no less than 30 is too narrow. Also make sure you have enough room to open any device and no door. Try it on graph paper. Think like the chef. If you are not the master chef of the house, bring that person in the process. It will save you trouble later.

Building your kitchen island table combination, Cut wood 5 3/4 inches to the length of the top. For example, if your kitchen island table is 60 inches long and 35 1/2 inches wide, 6 boards you cut over 60 inches. Place the planks together using either screws or cookies pocket and clamp, making sure all the edges and the top and bottom are colored.


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