Correct Way To Installing Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel


Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel – Stainless steel kitchen sinks fit in almost any design and are easy to clean. They are also softer to your dishes than stone or cast iron sinks and lighter to carry. When out of place in the kitchen, however, they may nick or puncture. Fixing a hole in the stainless steel kitchen sink is traditionally done by welding, but if you do not have expensive welding equipment and do not know anyone who does, you can use stainless steel epoxy to fix the hole itself.

Clean the surface of your kitchen sinks stainless steel, inside and out. Clean the surface of your sink, inside and out. Make sure it is dry before beginning repair. Place the wood blocks inside the sinks and over the holes. Place the block of wood inside the sink and over the hole. Take your mallet or hammer and get to everything (or get an assistant to hold the inner block while working from the outside) into the hole on the outside of the sink.

Gently tap any intensified stainless steel from around the hole. You do not want to make a dent in other parts of the kitchen sinks stainless steel, but you are trying to make the remaining metal of the hole flush with the rest of the sink. Sand around the hole with 200 grit sandpaper on the outside of the sink.


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