Existing Small Kitchen Island with Seating


Small kitchen island with seating – Add decorative trim to the kitchen island. Customizing the island by adding decorative trim to the edges and sides. Tile top of the island with decorative tiles or create a border around an existing bench to freshen the look of your kitchen island. Decorative plates can also be added around the base and front or back facing parts of the island. If you have an inset sink or cooktop on the island, the tiles around the perimeter of this focal point add visual interest.

Add beadboard panels on all sides of the kitchen island to immediately add a country look to your kitchen. Stain or paint the panels color of your choice. Paint your kitchen island to instantly refresh and update the look. Choose a darker color than the rest of the kitchen to really make the island stand out. Installing a new countertop to instantly change the look of small kitchen island with seating. This can be anything from tiles to granite to the solid surface. You can also choose to paint right over existing laminate countertop on the kitchen island for a fresh, new look.

Add decorative lighting above the kitchen island to highlight and update the look. Small accent lights can also be placed directly on the island to take in a warm ambience. Remove old hardware and replace with new, decorative hardware to update your kitchen island. Add wrought iron towel rack, along with drawer knobs and pulls to give a sense of depth and old-fashioned flavor to small kitchen island with seating.


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