Fixing Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer


Kitchen sink faucet with sprayer – A broken kitchen faucet spray may be due to several factors. There are a few corrections to a dysfunctional kitchen faucet spray, not requiring a plumber or plumbing prior experience. Sinks syringes are universal, and components can be purchased separately or in sets.

Clogged kitchen sink faucet with sprayer head. Soak the syringe head in a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent white vinegar overnight to remove calcium buildup. Scrub any remaining calcium deposits from the syringe head with an old toothbrush after soaking. Thoroughly rinse the sprayer head with water. Wipe the sprayer head with a clean, soft cloth.

Loosen the top of the kitchen sink faucet with sprayer head from the bottom of the sprayer head by hand-turning it counterclockwise, exposing the gasket and ring holding the syringe head of the snake. Remove the plastic gasket attached to the end of the sprayer hose, then remove the small metal ring that holds the bottom half of the sprayer head of the snake with a small slotted screwdriver if necessary. Remove the bottom of the sprayer head. Push the replacement syringe head at the bottom of the tube. Push the metal ring and the plastic seal on the tube to hold the base of the head of the snake. Screw on a new spray head to the tube.


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