Ideas for White Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Modern kitchen cabinets – Adding color to your kitchen when you have white modern kitchen cabinets with the help of accessories. For example, hang a towel or oven mitt in a color that you want to emphasize your theme like red or bright yellow. Do you have white dishes; they flaunt open-door white cabinets. Consider the inside of your cabinet’s white or yellow paint Lime for a pop of color. Stainless steel appliances also work well with white modern kitchen cabinets. Natural wood in your white kitchen adds warmth, such as wooden floors. Adding a wood island and create a focal point in your kitchen.

White modern kitchen cabinets combined with black countertops and other black accents, such as black chairs or stools and black appliances, make a formal air. Black also offers an interesting contrast. Try to use your walls in colors like rose or mint green and warmer colors you have an Italian style cuisine, such as sand and almond paint. Add a touch of color with colored tiles as backsplashes or as a top for your island.

A kitchen from the Better Homes suggests removing some of your white modern kitchen cabinets doors and installing shelves, painting them the same shade of white as your modern kitchen cabinets. Use baskets or shelves to keep this a wine rack.

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