Installing Pfister Kitchen Faucet


Pfister kitchen faucet in a sink will get quite a workout over the course of their lifetime. As a result, chances are good that you will think of replacing your kitchen faucet at one point or another. Process may seem complicated, but it is relatively simple once you get the right access. If you are still intimidated by the idea of installing a pfister kitchen faucet, keep these tips in mind and you will have robust, new fixtures for your sink in no time.

To create a tight seal

Many cranes include a rubberized gasket that is supposed to be placed between the sink and the pfister kitchen faucet as a water-tight seal is created. If your faucet does not contain a gasket, use plumbers putty to fill valve cavity before putting the crane. The kit helps create a tight seal when the valve wood in place within the cut-outs in the sink top.

When you connect the crane to the hot and cold water supply lines and shutoff valves under the sink, you may need to twist or bend the crane’s copper with putting the lines. Flexible supply pipes can also be connected to the copper pipes to make it easier to attach the crane to the shut-off valves. Element pipe thread tape around part of the shut-off valves a few times help to secure them to the tubes as a waterproof seal is created.


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