Rustic Dinnerware for Christmas


Rustic dinnerware – Celebrate the easier side of Christmas with a rustic table setting. Combining outdoor winter elements with a table setting that is both functional and full of Christmas spirit. From distressed wood finishes to textured fabrics, you can create a warm glow with a rugged appeal for a welcoming atmosphere. The key to go rustic is to know when to mix more rustic dinnerware with less refined elements.


Along, put sackcloth runners across the middle of the table, making the extra length on both sides to hang over the edges.  Place candles just left of center table, group them together for a significant light display. Place candles in holders and lit them briefly to give wicks a weathered look. Arrange rustic dinnerware in the middle of every place mat, leaving enough space on the sides of each place mat for cutlery.  Set the seed-glass tumbler on the top right of each plate, directly in place-mats, which can act as supports for a more rustic theme.

Put a fork near the left outer edge of each place mat or near the left outer edge of each napkin, depending on your personal preferences. Place a spoon to the right of each knife. Place the basket in the middle of the table, just to the right of the candlestick group. Bundle rosemary twigs loosely together, and put them over the middle of the basket.


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