White Undermount Kitchen Sink Design


White undermount kitchen sink – When installing a white undermount kitchen sink, the hole in the countertop should be cut exactly. If the sink hole is too narrow, it must be left. If too wide, it cannot be fixed and the sink or countertop must be replaced. Professionals use the correct size, cut a template. If there is no template is available, there are other ways to measure the width. Extend a tape measure in a straight, horizontal line from the left to the right side of the inner edge of the sink. Measuring only the undermount sink inside edge, not the outer, flat lip which surrounds the bowl. The sink lip mounts under the counter and remains hidden from view.

Stretch a piece of plastic wrap horizontally over the white undermount kitchen sink. Make sure the plastic is tight and hold it in place with tape painter. On top of the plastic, place a horizontal piece of tape on the left and right edges of the inner edge of the sink. Measure the distance between the two edges cassette.

Contact the undermount kitchen sink manufacturer and request a template for the sink. The template is an outline of the white undermount kitchen sink and serves as a guide when the cutting of the sink hole in the countertop. If the template does not contain the exact width, the width of the periphery of the template with a tape measure.


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